Watford Palace Theatre is a registered charity. We have been at the heart of the Watford community since 1908.

The theatre has given the local community entertainment and inspiration for 113 years; championing  new work on-stage and in the streets of Watford.

“When it was was first built in 1908, the Palace was a modest music-hall, evolving through a period as a lively repertory theatre until today, the Palace is a producing house with a national reputation.”

– Ian Scleater, ‘The Story of the Palace Theatre Watford’

Take a step back in time:

The Music Hall Years 1908-1938

The Repertory Years 1939-1968

Watford Palace Theatre Makes the Future


The exterior of Watford Palace Theatre at night
Front facade of Watford Palace Theatre in 1908
Photo taken from the stage facing out into the the auditorium. The Palace Youth Theatre are sitting on the stage taking notes form the Director who is facing them from the auditorium during rehearsals for a show.