If you’re joining us here at Watford Palace Theatre as part of one of our productions or projects, hello! We can’t wait to see you. We’ve included information below that might be useful. Our digs list is updated regularly but if you can’t find something to suit you, have a little Google (or Bing…no favouritism here), there’s plenty of places to stay in and around Watford. We’ve included a ‘Best of Watford’ document with some local independent restaurants and services. If you need anything else during your stay remember, we’re here to help. To access the digs list talk to your Company Manager or email our team using the button below, and we’ll get back to you.

Request the digs list

We’re always looking for people in and around Watford who are interested in joining our Digs List, to offer short term accommodation to actors and creatives working at the theatre throughout the year. We like our colleagues to feel at home when they join us. So if you’re friendly, thoughtful and a homeowner with spare accommodation and want to earn additional money, please complete the form and if you meet the requirements, we’ll provide your details to our visiting actors, directors, technicians and creatives. Easy-peasy!