Chair: John Hunt

Chair of Governance Committee: Mark Lawrence

Vice Chair: Kenny Dada

Vice Chair: Carol Lingwood

Councillor Marilyn Devonish

Councillor Aga Dychton

Anne Fenton

Howard Groves

Bilqees Mauthoor

Binita Mehta Parmar

Brett Spencer

Patrick Stoddart

Jayne Trotman

Chief Executive & Director of Programming: Steve Marmion

Executive Director: Jamie Arden

Director of Finance: Andrew Phillips


Senior Producer: Ellen Waghorn

Producer: Kat Gibson

Head of Community Engagement: Samantha Ford

Associate Director: James Williams

Take Part Administrator: Ines Ferreira

Marketing Manager: Fiona Smout

Marketing Officer: Vanessa White

Ticketing and Data Supervisor: Peter Shelton

Head of Production: Richmond Rudd

Head of Lighting: Fran Johnstone

Deputy Head of Electrics: Kieran Duke

General Technician: Charlie Leslie

Resident Company Stage Manager: Maddie Baylis

Head of Wardrobe: Mark Jones



Finance Supervisor: Katrina Tepper

Finance Officer: Palvinder Heer

Building Facilities Manager: Paula Gover

Cleaning Supervisor: Sharon Hunt