HighTide and Loose Tongue in association with Bush Theatre presents

The Trick

Director Roy Alexander Weise

Of course you take me away from the world, and who cares…you’re the best reason I know to wake up.

Mira’s husband, Jonah, died seven months ago but that doesn’t mean that either of them are ready to let him go. For most of her life Jonah has been Mira’s reason to get out of bed in the morning. So when he does his final disappearing act, Mira can’t quite believe her eyes. She knows she should be moving on. And yet, Mira finds herself caring less and less about the world outside.

The Trick is a magic show about the parts of life we don’t talk about – the realities of getting older and coming to terms with loss.

Ghosts, comedy, mediums, and all kinds of tricks collide in this new play by Eve Leigh, directed by the award-winning Roy Alexander Weise (Nine Night, The Mountaintop).

Photography © Helen Murray





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Tickets: £10

Concessions: £3 off

Rumour/16-25: £5

Suitable for ages: 14+