Abbots Langley Gilbert & Sullivan Society Presents

By WS Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

The Gondoliers

The scene is Venice and the dashing and gallant Gondoliers the Palmieri brothers, adored by all the contadine, are ready to choose their brides and the double wedding is planned.

Meanwhile... The Duke of Plaza Toro arrives from Spain, with his entourage, and informs his daughter, Casilda, that she was betrothed at birth to the incognito Prince, believed to be one of the Palmieri brothers. But ...Casilda is secrectly in love with another!    

The Grand inquistor of Spain, Don Alhambra, is sent to inform the brothers that one of them will succeed the recently deceased King of Barataria, but which?

They all depart for the Palace in Barataria and the brothers attempt to make the court a fun and impartial place to exist, whilst Casilda comes to terms with the fact she must marry one of the brothers, parted from her true love Luiz, the Duke's drummer boy.

WS Gilbert's skill of writing and solving the “complicated knot” comes to the fore and, of course, all ends happily.

With all the grandeur and colour of a traditional “Gondoliers”combined with great hilarity, ALGSS apply all their expertise, accompanied by a live orchestra, to provide you with a wonderful sound... an evening you will not want to miss. 




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Tickets: Stalls & Circle £16.50-£21.00

Rumour 16/25 & Under 16 £8  

Card Handling fee applies: £1.50 online, £1.00 on phone/in person. No charge for cash transactions.

Run Time: Approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes.