Tales from the Vicarage Live - Rocket Men Launch

The launch night of the sixth volume in the Tales from the Vicarage series - Rocket Men which features the only four players to have risen through all the divisions from the club's greatest period in the late seventies and early eighties.  

Luther Blissett, Ian Bolton, Ross Jenkins and Steve Sherwood feature in the book which will be unveiled for the first time on the night which will be hosted once again by lifelong Watford supporter Adam Leventhal. 

The new book will be included in a special Tales from the Vicarage gift bag, there will be a chance for you to ask your own questions to those on stage and get items signed by the cast during the evening.


27 Sep - 21 Oct
Watford Palace Theatre presents
Elton John's Glasses
by David Farr
Remember the 1984 Cup Final? the same way as Bill? find out more here


Box Office 01923 225671

Sunday 12th November @ 7.30pm

Tickets: £35 stalls, £25 circle, £20 upper circle.