Become a Voluntary Steering Group Member

Watford Palace Theatre is dedicated to working with local communities of all backgrounds to produce celebration events for everyone. We currently produce 4 Community Celebration events: The Chinese Culture Show in February, Celebrate Vaisakhi in April/ May, Celebrate Black History Month in October, and Celebrate Diwali in November.

The events are curated by WPT's Producer for Youth and Community Roisin Walsh in collaboration with community volunteer steering groups who are instrumental in shaping what Watford's culturally diverse audiences want to see on their local stage. We have been programming celebration events for almost a decade. Programming is a mix of professional and community artists: from Courtney Pine to Subrang Arts.

Our celebration events are now moving in a thematic direction, where the programming has a unifying cultural or historical thread running through and is often surrounded by workshops and displays throughout the day suitable for families to take part in.

These events could not be programmed without the consistent support of our 4 voluntary steering groups who help suggest programming and caterers, design and distribute marketing materials, sell tickets in the community and are our ambassadors in the wider community. 

We are always open to recruit more steering group members of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, to help us further the reach and programming of these events. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer on one of our 4 committees and would like more information on the Steering Group Member role, please get in touch by emailing or calling us on 01923 810307.