THE BIG GIVE- Help support Hertfordshire County Youth Theatre...

THE BIG GIVE- Help support Hertfordshire County Youth Theatre...

4 August 2017


WPT needs you to pledge £100 or more to continue our work with young people involved with Hertfordshire County Youth Theatre (HCYT).  Our annual youth led production is attended by over 2,300 members of the public over four days. It provides an essential platform to facilitate and support Hertfordshire’s young people in practical and life changing theatre-making skills such as performing, producing, writing and directing. HCYT is the first stage in WPT’s ambition to create a Young Company which will bridge creative skills shortages and contribute to the overall creative economy of Hertfordshire

How can you help in the most critical stage for our fundraising future success? Either pledge £100+by 1st September or spread the word to your colleagues, friends, neighbours, and encourage them to pledge here  

We only need 10 people to pledge £100 (actual donations will be collected in Jan 2018)

If we are successful in raising £1,000 we can move to the next stage of fundraising where future donations will be match funded.

To make a pledge please fill in the form below:

More information about the project can be found here: