Interview with Yolanda Mercy

Interview with Yolanda Mercy

11 April 2018

Here's an interview with Yolanda Mercy, writer and performer of Quarter Life Crisis, which comes to the Palace this April!

What inspired you to write Quarter Life Crisis?

My cousin who is 10 days younger getting married, my friend announcing she was pregnant and I was just trying to find ways to keep my young persons railcard.

What barriers and challenges have you faced making theatre? 

I would say learning not to be a perfectionist. I like everything to be perfect and I strive towards that. But it's art. Things shouldn't always be perfect. It's not possible.... and I'm starting to learn to accept this more.

What advice would give to someone right at the beginning of their career?

Don't give up. Even if others tell you that it's not possible.... or you can't do it. You can. And you will!

Being a young person in the arts, what would you say to those struggling to choose between the Arts as a career or more traditional career paths?

Do what makes you happy. I feel like in life we have to strive to invest in things that make us happy. Which can scary because people around you may doubt your choice, but if you know this what you want to do then please go for it. 

What would your top tips be for young people who aspire to have a career in the Arts?

Be curious. Watch shows. Speak to artists you admire. Be brave. Try new things. Make mistakes.... never stop learning 


Quarter Life Crisis

Thu 19 April, 8pm

Don't forget, those still younger than 25 can get £5 tickets with our for Rumour scheme!