Interview with Psyche Stott - Director of Elton John's Glasses

Interview with Psyche Stott - Director of Elton John's Glasses

11 July 2017

What was it about Elton John’s Glasses that made you want to direct the play?

I’m a massive fan of the writer David Farr. Most recently you’ll have seen his work on television with his hugely successful adaptation of The Night Manager. David has a gift for writing great characters and relationships and this play has six of them! It’s a thrilling fast paced comedy that once I picked it up I simply couldn’t put it down.  I first met the Watford Palace team in 2013 when my touring production of Blue Remembered Hills for Northern Stage played here – the audiences were fantastic and I’m looking forward to making something for them that is about Watford and for Watford.

Both Watford Palace Theatre and Watford FC have been a part of the town for over 100 years. Do you think there are any comparison attending a football match and the theatre?

My uncle in law has been a massive Watford FC supporter all of his life and he’s passed that love of the game to his son! When they moved from Watford they would still travel back for the games, miles and miles. Either a fan of football or a fan of theatre- in both situations we are watching players play, compete, challenge, win, lose, meet themselves in extreme situations, in the moment. When it’s working we should be on the edge of our seats. Both theatre and football creates a place for people to come together and engage in something unique that can never be repeated.

What do you think audience will get from seeing Elton John’s Glasses,

I wish Graham Taylor was still alive to have this conversation because when he was leading Watford FC he established the revolutionary family enclosures creating an environment where everyone had a chance and everyone had a say – introducing a whole new audience to the game. It’s exactly what Watford Palace Theatre are doing by bringing back this anniversary production. A whole new audience will get to engage with this story for the first time. Ultimately it’s a smashing night out with a story that celebrates the very heartbeat of Watford. It should make you laugh out loud and put a big smile on your face too. So bring your friends and bring your family.

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