Interview with Kate Flatt

2 February 2016

Creative Associate and choreographer, Kate Flatt, tells us about her new collaboration with Phoenix Dance Theatre, Undivided Loves, which explores the mysteries behind Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Can you explain what it means to be a Creative Associate here at Watford Palace Theatre?

I’m very proud to be a Creative Associate because I love Watford Palace Theatre, what it produces and the work it welcomes. It’s an affiliation, a support and a place to bounce ideas. I have worked all over the world but developing a new piece of work at Watford Palace is always joyful - like coming home.

2016 marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death; did Undivided Loves come about with this anniversary in mind?

Yes! I was very excited by the anniversary opportunity and to be involved in this co-commission by Watford Palace Theatre and Phoenix Dance Theatre. The work will be performed in a triple bill programme and will reach audiences who perhaps don’t get to text-based theatre.

Can you tell us a little about it? 

I am working with six of Shakespeare’s sonnets, bringing them alive through dance centuries after they were written. They are deeply personal works which were not written to be published, but addressed to people with whom we can assume Shakespeare had intimate encounters. They lend themselves wonderfully to choreography which explores a complex love triangle featuring a writer and the two lovers in his imagination. It’s as sensual as dance can be and encompasses desire, risk and betrayal.

Dance lovers will certainly be eager to see this. What would you say to audiences who are new to dance?

Aside from the wonderful dancing, the work is a semi-narrative and there’s a rich yet subtle score composed by my collaborator, percussionist Adriano Adewale and I am working with Brigid Larmour on the dramaturgy.


Interview by Sophie Sellars