Be part of our 2020 Christmas show - Dame Terry's Very Merry Christmas!

Be part of our 2020 Christmas show - Dame Terry's Very Merry Christmas!

18 November 2020

We at Watford Palace Theatre are determined not to cancel Christmas this year and will be reopening in December!

Our beloved Dame Terry is starring in a fabulous festive solo show to keep or panto audience entertained until next year and we're looking for people to join un the fun!

The Story
With the panto postponed, Dame Terry is putting her feet up at home alone with a box of mince pies, the Gogglebox Christmas Special and a sherry trifle for one. Returning home from a last-minute shopping trip, she’s missed phone calls and been left voicemails by herfriends and fellow Watfordians. That's where you come in...

How You Can Help
We would love you to record a short voicemail message for Dame Terry which could get played at the performances. A voice note recorded on your phone with a good speaking volume and minimal/ no background noise is ideal.

Your Message
It can be short and simple - around 10-20 seconds is a good length. If you were leaving a voice message for Dame Terry (Dame T. to her friends), what would you say? Would you wish her a Merry Christmas, be phoning to give her your latest news, or tell her how much you are looking forward to seeing her this year? It could be something mundane or silly - anything funny, heartfelt or personal (that you're happy to share) is great. And keep in mind it's a family show!

Please share your voice note messages with us by emailing them by Friday 4th December to

We look forward to hearing them!

Many thanks, the Watford Palace Theatre Team