Ask Me How I Feel

Ask Me How I Feel

24 August 2020

Watford Black History Community Steering Group and Watford Palace Theatre are looking for Community Participants to share their personal experiences of 2020 for ‘Ask Me How I Feel’, a Platform for local Black voices.

2020 has been a year like no other - a year of lockdowns and community support, of painful bereavements and missed funerals, of home working for some, keyworker service for others, and redundancies for many.

It has been a time to reassess our lives, to rebuild family connections, to speak out for change and make our society better.

For October 2020 the Watford Black History Month Steering Group and Watford Palace Theatre, will present Ask Me How I Feel, a Live digital event on Sunday 18 October 4pm. free for all and made entirely with the voices of our local Black community.