Wednesday 5th October
7:30 PM
From £16 to £80

Ballet Black

Ballet Black

5 Oct 2022

Celebrating twenty years, Ballet Black are delighted to present two new works in 2022. Say It Loud is choreographed and directed by Ballet Black’s Founder and Artistic Director, Cassa Pancho, and the BB Company artists that charts the struggles and inspiration behind the formation of this exciting and pioneering company, from the uncomfortable reasons behind the Company’s existence to the frenetic, creative energy that has seen them create an enviable repertoire and build a reputation as a necessary part of the British ballet industry.

The second ballet in this double bill, Black Sun by acclaimed South African choreographer Gregory Maqoma (Vuyani Dance Theatre) featuring an original score by Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante (Boy Blue) is a work that draws energy from the sun and the moon giving rise to descendants of ancestors. These forces only meet to blacken, allowing us to draw from their powers as we prepare for life after life.

Age suitability: 7+

Run time: Act 1: 34 mins (approx), Interval: 20 minutes, Act 2: 34 mins (approx)

Caution: Language (fleeting), themes of racism. Loud music may affect hearing aid users.

Special effects: Haze

““…so much of the appeal of this company lies in the talent it has allowed to blossom. These are individuals who you want to watch.””

““Ballet Black makes a thoroughly convincing case that this is indeed the future of dance – and that this should be cause for celebration.””

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